What I Believe

I am a Mason

I believe firmly in the power, wis­dom, and good­ness of the Almighty God

I believe in my coun­try, my fel­low man, and myself

I believe we are here in our var­i­ous roles for a pur­pose and not by chance

I believe that Masonry has been in exis­tence through the ages for a pur­pose and that it will remain a strong force for good as far into the future as man will go, and I have con­fi­dence in that future

I believe that the teach­ings of Masonry par­al­lel those found the the Great Book of Life so closely that no con­flict between the two can exist.

I believe our ancient cus­toms have proven their worth and value and are as sound today as ever before and will with­stand the test of the future.

I believe Masonry can be as good as its mem­bers want it to be, and that we will all be bet­ter men and our fra­ter­nity, our coun­try, and our world will be bet­ter for our hav­ing passed this way.

I believe we have the oppor­tu­nity as Masons and as men of good will to move to new heights in every area of life as we study and act upon our high prin­ci­ples of broth­erly love, relief, and truth.