Appli­ca­tion for mem­ber­ship is open to men who:

► Have been a Louisiana res­i­dent for at least six months


► Are at least 18 years old

► Have a belief in a Supreme Being

► Live a good moral and social life

► Do not advo­cate the over­throw of the government

► Can read and write English

Are rec­om­mended by two mem­bers of the Lodge they wish to join. (If you do not know two mem­bers of a Lodge, the sec­re­tary of the Lodge to which you are apply­ing can arrange a meet­ing with two mem­bers of the Lodge for you.)

The appli­ca­tion fee is gen­er­ally between $100 and $250, and a Lodge’s annual dues are between $65 and $150. The Masonic term for a mem­ber­ship appli­ca­tion is a “peti­tion.” The appli­ca­tion fee can be deter­mined by con­tact­ing the sec­re­tary of the Lodge you wish to join.